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Excellent customer service.
I took my broken door glass to the shop last year and they cut a replacement while i waited. While i was there I was impressed by their knowledge and skills, so I had no hesitation this year in arranging for them to clean the chimney and service the stove.They cleaned out the crumbled baffle and made a replacement, replaced the ropes all round and made a fixing to stop the warped throat hood from dropping off. Then they did a smoke test to check for airleaks.Excellent knowledge base and helpful people. Recommended.
Angharad Riggs
These guys really know their stuff.
Very professional, friendly and helpful. Had some internal firebricks cut and made to size for a 10kw multifuel stove.... They were done in 20 minutes for £38, fantastic. Perfect fit, fire now back on, happy days. Some lovely refurbished antique stoves in the shop.... If like me, you're into that sort of thing!
E playz
If I could give them more stars I would!
I drove an hour as this was the closest place to take my stove door to have the glass repaired. When I got there my son fell asleep as we pulled into the car park. I ran in, leaving the shop door open and explained that my son had just fallen asleep and without another word they told me to go back to the car and they would bring the door out once it had been repaired. Once the door was repaired they brought it out to the car, but I didn't have the right change. I was not to worry and they would bring it out to me. Their customer service is outstanding! I have 2 boys under 2 and they were both asleep in the car, any parent knows how hard it is to transfer them to their buggy and keep them asleep or know once they wake up then they won't sleep again. So it what the guys did may not seem a lot but it made a huge difference to me and made it so much easier for me. Thank you so much and I would definitely recommend!
Chrissy Foster

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