Chimney Sweeping

Chimney Sweep Service

Stove Care and Repair – the trusted Chimney Sweeps and Stove Repair Service in North Wales* for top quality maintenance and servicing.

*We offer our Chimney Sweeping and Stove Service within a 15-mile radius of Prestatyn, Denbighshire in North Wales.


Post coded areas covered are:

CH5; CH6; CH7 & CH8

LL17; LL18; LL19 & LL22

Cleanliness Assured & Equipment

All our Sweep and Service Engineers carry a quality rotary sweep and vacuum we use the most modern methods of chimney sweeping which is clean and dust free. We clean all types of flues specialising in stoves. We use the new HEPA Numatic NV900 Vacuum. These vacuums have two motors, dual 2-stage primary filter system, plus the HEPA filter and are excellent for chimney sweeping. Every effort is made to make your sweep the cleanest you have ever had.

At Stove Care and Repair, we offer a one stop solution for all your fireplace, stove and chimney maintenance needs. Our team of experts inspect chimneys using state of the art techniques that will help make your chimney fully functional. We offer free advice on all aspects of chimney sweeping and servicing of your stove/open fire with a no-obligation quote. We are Sweep Safe registered and all chimneys that are swept by us are issued with a full Industry Standard Certificate on the day.

Tell-tale signs that your chimney needs to be cleaned:

  • Observing built-up soot and creosote
  • Noticing smoke entering room
  • Smelling pungent odour from a chimney
  • Weak fire

What will a chimney sweeping service include?

At Stove Care and Repair, we don’t simply sweep a chimney; we carry out a comprehensive inspection of your chimney/lining and inspect externally the chimney stack and cowl.

Our Sweep engineer ensure the basic soundness of the chimney structure as well as the flue, the basic appliance installation and connection. The technician will also ensure that there are no blockages and combustible deposits. If our experts feel that there are problems that can’t be detected with the naked eye, then a thorough inspection will be performed.

As a matter of course, we carry out a full free examination of the interior and exterior of your stove ensuring that all parts are in full working order and that all gaskets and seals are functioning correctly.

Your chimney will be swept using either the manual or Rotary Chimney Sweep method. After your chimney has been swept, the chimney is smoke tested to ensure it is functioning correctly before being certificated.

Chimney Safety Review

Even if chimneys are not being frequently used, there may be other factors that could render the chimney unsafe for use. For instance, birds may build a nest in the flue or deteriorations due to weather elements may occur. Therefore, we would always recommend that your chimney is swept at least once a year. If you use your stove more frequently then you will need to consider having your chimney swept twice a year to comply with current regulation.

What to expect?

  • A courteous and highly trained chimney sweep.
  • We will make every effort to be on time. If a job is running over on time our engineer will keep you informed or re-book your sweep if needed.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fully insured and certificated
  • Highest standards of service
  • Ongoing advice