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Chilli Penguin MultiFuel

This is a non catalytic converter version and is suitable for both dry wood and smokeless fuel. The low emissions and high efficiencies are achieved by carefully designed flue and combustion air passageways. The advantage of this version is that it offers the option of using either dry wood or smokeless fuel.


Chilli Penguin Cat

A catalytic converters (Cat) is a honeycomb structure that has a special coating that chemically converts harmful gases and superheats to burn off smoke particles. It can be seen glowing orange when functioning at high temperatures. The advantage of catalytic converters is that they produce excellent results over a wider band of operating conditions. It is critical to the life expectancy of a cat that dry untreated wood is burnt. The usual lifeexpectancy of a cat is 3-5 years, but this will depend on usage.

Colour Choices

Our Range

  • The Stock Cube (Wood Only)
  • The Chilli Billie (Wood only)
  • The Short Penguin Eco (Multi Fuel)
  • The Hungry Penguin Eco (Multi Fuel)
  • The Fat Penguin Eco (Multi Fuel)
  • The High & Mighty Eco (Multi Fuel)
  • The High and Mighty (Tall Order) Eco
  • The Chubby 5 Eco (Multi Fuel)
  • Woody Eco (Multi Fuel)
  • Woody Eco Cat (Wood Only)
  • The Penguin 8
  • The Eighty Ate “88”
  • The Chubby 8

Extended 7 year guarantee

Our Chilli Penguin stoves come with a standard one year guarantee but if you register your stove they will extend this to a FREE 7 year extended guarantee (5 years for the Chilli Billie).

T&C’s apply, please speak to us before making your purchase.

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